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Professional Training

I am a healthcare professional, organization, or business seeking disability training.


Personal Courses

I’m looking for courses that offer expert guidance for healthy living with a disability.


Custom Learning

I want help creating branded disability
elearning content for my organization or business.



I need a neutral professional to help me resolve a conflict involving people with disabilities.

“It has been a pleasure working with Cortree team. They were extremely helpful in reviewing our Accessible Vehicle and Service driver training that we developed to train drivers for Uber’s Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle Program. Cortree’s extensive industry experience and expertise allowed us to quickly access and implement the safety of our program and ensure that it meets with AODA compliance standards. The resulting online learning program has been a great success with high levels of driver learning outcomes being achieved.”

– Kevin Kwok, Operations & Growth Manager, Autzu

At Cortree, we work with industry experts, health care pros, researchers, counsellors, disability specialists – professionals whose experience and expertise are built into everything we do.