Underestimated Underestimated is a show about breaking barriers for people with disabilities. In part two, we take a deep dive into aging with a disability. LEARN MORE Woman on her sofa with her wheelchair beside her, watching CortreeTV on her laptop. CortreeTV Sometimes the best advice comes from those who have been there. Watch CortreeTV and receive tips, insights, and stories from your peers who are living with a disability. LEARN MORE Group of colleagues collaborating the office. One man is using a wheelchair. Professional Services Discover how we can help your business! Cortree offers disability training courses, mediation services and custom learning opportunities EXPLORE OUR UNIQUE SERVICES Group of diverse colleagues smiling at the camera. Employment Series Are you a job seeker looking for meaningful employment, or an employer looking to round out your staff? Cortree has you covered. CHECK OUT OUR FREE COURSES

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Cortree is a leading provider of online disability education, training and mediation services across Canada. We are committed to making life more inclusive for people with disabilities.


Disability Education Centre

Our online learning centre is equipped with tools and resources that can be accessed by you and the people in your life. Cortree offers you a direct line to reliable information that can boost your confidence, competence and community.

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Aging and Mental Health for People with Spinal Cord Injury 
(Wallace Upper’s Story)

Charlie’s Wheelchair Road Trip
Traveling with a Wheelchair in Canada

Paraplegic Stair Climbing How-To Video
Climbing the Stairs as a Paraplegic and SCI Transfer Techniques

“It has been a pleasure working with Cortree team. They were extremely helpful in reviewing our Accessible Vehicle and Service driver training that we developed to train drivers for Uber’s Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle Program. Cortree’s extensive industry experience and expertise allowed us to quickly access and implement the safety of our program and ensure that it meets with AODA compliance standards. The resulting online learning program has been a great success with high levels of driver learning outcomes being achieved.”

– Kevin Kwok, Operations & Growth Manager, Autzu

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