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Cortree & Spinal Cord Injury Ontario: Employment Services

For over 75 years, Spinal Cord Injury Ontario (SCIO) has specialized in the support of those with spinal cord injuries and other disabilities. Through their extensive history and years of experience collaborating with SCI community members and with the broader disability community, SCIO found that education and peer connection are vital to the these often underrepresented and underestimated groups.

The opportunity to connect with peers on a similar path is extremely valuable and has proven to help members of the disability community to live the life they choose; it impacts their journey not just physically, but emotionally and mentally – which is why SCIO created Cortree.

Cortree is social venture, committed to making life more inclusive and accessible for people with disabilities, their families, and the greater community.

To further support our diverse community needs, Cortree and Spinal Cord Injury Ontario have partnered to create new and updated Employment Services courses, services and resources for both individual job seekers as well as for employers.

If you’re a job seeker searching for work in Canada, or an employer looking to understand disability in the workplace, Cortree offers courses that are specially designed to help you meet your goals.

We offer Employment Services for individuals with disabilities to help them navigate the current labour market, and work with employers to help them round out their talent pool by recruiting and hiring employees with disabilities.


Learn how to access the hidden job market and stand out among your competition.


Master the art of networking in both formal and informal settings to make a lasting impression.


Recruit quality employees from the disability talent pool and tap into the benefits of the
business case for inclusive hiring.


Become a more attractive and competitive employer by eliminating physical and attitudinal barriers.


Canadians with disabilities face high rates of unemployment. To meet this growing need in the community, both SCIO and Cortree continue to produce resources for individuals include free elearning online courses like those below for Employment Services as well as CortreeTV, where you’ll find videos created by staff and community members offering tips like driving with a disability, insights on healthy eating and stories related to living with a disability, like those in the Underestimated video series.

Our courses help job seekers:

Learn the art of networking and communicate your value to make a lasting impression in any setting.

Tap into the hidden job market to maximize your chances of getting hired faster.

Succeed in a new work environment by learning to be part of a team, probing for performance feedback and using constructive criticism to grow in your career.


The disability community continues to grow rapidly, yet thousands of Canadian businesses are not equipped with the knowledge and resources to tap into this underrepresented talent pool.

Cortree and SCIO are here to help employers understand the benefits of a barrier-free workplace, while providing you with the tools to recruit, hire and retain more employees with disabilities.

Services for businesses/organizations include both complimentary and fee for service products.

Our courses help employers:

Recruit from the talent pool of people with disabilities and accommodate candidates with disabilities at all stages of recruitment.

Learn how to apply universal design in tandem with the Ontario Human Rights Code and the AODA to foster an accessible and inclusive workplace.

Level the playing field by understanding the power of accommodation plans and assistive technologies in the modern workplace.


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