Job Seeker Courses

Courses for people with disabilities looking for work

People with disabilities make great employees and are natural problem solvers. Our Cortree courses for job seekers are designed to help you maximize your chances of getting hired by mastering the art of networking, communicating your value, accessing the hidden job market and succeeding in the long run once you secure employment.

At SCIO, employment counselors and employment specialists work one-on-one with clients to create a tailored experience that will help you meet your employment goals.

Both Cortree and SCIO serve a wide range of clients that have barriers to employment and work to provide new and diverse programs and supports to meet the community’s needs.

Ontario Trillium Foundation logoThese free courses were made possible by a Resilient Communities Grant from the Ontario Trillium Foundation and its funder, the Government of Ontario.

The following courses are for job seekers with disabilities preparing for a new role.



There are many aspects of job searching that can feel complex to navigate. With the right tools and resources, job seekers can learn to optimize their efforts by tapping into best practices. 

In this course:

  • How to access the hidden job market, networking and self-promotion.
  • How to distinguish yourself through tailored messaging.
  • Interview types and tips.


Getting hired for a new job is an exciting part of life, but it takes some adjustments to ensure long term success.

In this course:

  • Tips for success as you prepare yourself to start a new job
  • Becoming part of a team: analyzing, understanding and collaborating.
  • How to use constructive criticism and feedback to grow in your career.


Healthy And Productive Paid work for Youth with disabilities (HAPPY) is focused on enhancing inclusive employment for youth with disabilities.

In this course:

  • What a disability disclosure is and why it is important
  • Things to consider about how and when to ask for workplace accommodations
  • Knowing your rights and learning to self advocate

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