Getting Hired

Getting hired with a disability

Working with a disability in Canada is considered an asset to the workplace – diversity is desired and the disability population is rapidly increasing and well equipped with new perspectives that are shaping the future. However, there are many aspects of job searching that can feel complex and overwhelming to navigate. Job search tactics are constantly evolving, which means our tactics for landing work must also adapt to the current trends that employers resort to. This course is designed to help you better understand the current job market, offering tools, resources and tips to maximize your chances of getting hired.


In this course, you will gain knowledge about the following:

  • Tailoring your job search to find the opportunities that best align with your skillset and career goals.
  • Accessing the hidden job market through networking and self-promotion. 
  • How to distinguish yourself through tailored messaging in each of your individual applications. 
  • Maximizing your chances for success in the various types of job interviews that are currently being used to screen candidates. 
  • How to communicate your professional value in ordinary situations.
  • How to actively network.
  • Presenting your best and distinct self through your applications, online presence and job interviews. 

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