Infection Prevention & Control – Online Training Course

Nowadays, “PPE” and “health safety” are terms as commonly used around the workplace as “email” and “conference call.”

As experts in the field of disability services, Cortree has designed engaging and interactive learning to supply community service providers with the know-how to stay safe and keep others safe too.

Infection Control: Keeping Everyone Safe

Even before the onset of COVID-19, infection control training in healthcare settings was imperative. Now it’s critical. Designed and developed with community service providers and administrative healthcare workers in mind, Cortree’s Routine Practices for Infection Control offers learners both conceptual and practical knowledge, to help them protect themselves and prevent the spread of infectious disease throughout the workplace. Learners are introduced to concepts like the purpose of administrative and procedural controls in the workplace, along with practical demonstrations of infection control practices.

Effective hand hygiene practices, and the reason they’re the foundation to an effective infection control plan

Donning PPE – from gloves to gowns, right through to face protection

Removing PPE properly and safely

Frequently Asked Questions

Actually, our Routine Practices for Infection Control course offers the kind of understanding of infection control most anyone can benefit from. The course also serves to help learners adopt practical, smart and very relevant infection control skills and practices.


Think your team would appreciate professional infection control training to help keep them safe in the workplace (and outside it too)?

Don’t hesitate to reach out to our Product Management team. If you’re looking for more specific training, we offer other disability training courses and custom learning as well. We’re looking forward to getting our conversation started.