Conflict Resolution Services

Despite our best efforts, sometimes conflicts arise in our lives. When these escalate to a point where we’re unable to find a solution on our own, conflict resolution can be an incredibly useful problem-solving tool.

Creating a safe space for both sides of a disagreement, which allows each of us to feel heard and respected, is absolutely critical to resolving conflict.

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Working Together to Find Peaceful Solutions

Cortree specializes in providing conflict resolution strategies and teaching conflict resolution skills that help establish an environment of understanding and cooperation, so that both sides of a dispute can find common ground.

We never take sides, lay blame or offer legal advice. We’re here to offer conflict resolution techniques that can solve disputes as quickly and painlessly as possible, which saves you money and avoids unnecessary headaches.


What is Conflict Resolution?

Sounds easy, right? Unfortunately, in reality, it can actually be quite difficult.

When a relationship becomes adversarial and the lines of communication break down, it can take a neutral person to bring everyone together and facilitate conflict resolution


Where Can Conflicts Occur?

There’s no set list of places where conflicts happen. In fact, they can occur in any part of our lives, making conflict resolution skills and strategies incredibly important to understand.

You may experience conflicts in the workplace that need resolution, because you’re not seeing eye-to-eye with a coworker. It’s also not uncommon for relationships to require conflict resolution, in order for you and your partner to problem-solve solutions that you can both live with.

Our expertise is in the health care and community service sector; where relationships between service providers and recipients have broken down and conflict has escalated to a point where outside support is needed to reach positive resolutions.

No matter where in your life you might need alternative dispute resolution for a conflict, Cortree is here to provide all parties involved with the tools they need to find a respectful common ground, which will leave everyone feeling heard and understood.

Conflict Resolution Strategies Require Patience & Understanding

Using a combination of mediation and conflict coaching, Cortree helps you move forward in a more positive manner. Mediation offers a transformative process that helps people meet, talk and understand the problem without the mediator evaluating or expressing an opinion. Mediation empowers the people in conflict to develop their own agreement for moving forward. 

Establishing an atmosphere where everyone involved is comfortable, and are given an equal opportunity to voice their concerns is just the first step in building trust and respect.

These conflict resolution strategies, combined with conflict resolution skills (like learning to acknowledge and respect each other’s differences or better control emotions and behaviours), are the keys to building a bridge of open and courteous communication. Together, these conflict resolution techniques lead to more healthy, respectful discussions in the future.

Cortree Mediator conducting a session remotely.

We Excel at Putting Conflict Resolution Techniques into Practice

Finding that all-important common ground between everyone involved is the first step towards conflict resolution, but it’s not as simple as bringing people together and forcing a discussion.

Through conflict coaching we work one-on-one to teach conflict resolution skills that can be used long after the dispute is resolved.

Teaching you the conflict resolution skills you need to be successful, will allow you to use those techniques in other facets of your life. This way, the next time there’s a need for conflict resolution in the workplace, or conflict resolution in your relationships, you’ll be well-equipped to solve disagreements long before they require alternative dispute resolution for the conflicts.