Varun Chandak – Interview 400 400 Rowland Forbes

Varun Chandak – Interview

Varun Chandak is the Founder and President of Access to Success, an organization that supports students with disabilities enrolled in MBA programs in Canada. After immigrating to Canada in 2016 to complete his own MBA at the University of Toronto, he realized there was no mention of disability in diversity and inclusion discussions and took matters into his own hands based on his lived experience with a disability. Learn about his journey to launching a successful business.


Franklyn McFadden – Interview 400 400 zina

Franklyn McFadden – Interview

Franklyn McFadden is an energetic and charismatic Customer Service Representative at a local supermarket. In his interview, he reflects on his positive experience working with SCIO Employment Services in securing employment and successfully transitioning into his role. He also touches on the nuances and complexities of identity when presenting oneself in a positive and competent light in job interviews.

Eyra Abraham – Interview 400 400 zina

Eyra Abraham – Interview

Eyra Abraham is Founder/CEO of Lisnen, an app that leverages Artificial intelligence (AI) for social good to support d/Deaf and hard of hearing gain situational awareness of critical sounds in their environment. After sleeping through a fire alarm upon removing her hearing aid years ago, her entrepreneurial mind was activated and she was quick to come up with a solution that could help much of the hearing loss community. Eyra reflects on her journey launching her business as a woman in technology.

Jaspreet Dhaliwal – Interview 400 400 zina

Jaspreet Dhaliwal – Interview

Jaspreet Dhaliwal is a Peer Program Coordinator at SCIO with lived experience with a spinal cord injury. While her background was originally in teaching, she was hired for her current role during the pandemic and touches on what it was like transitioning into a new position in a virtual world after recovering from a surgery. She provides insight on the importance of open communication and building good rapport with new managers.

Max Lieberman – Interview 400 400 zina

Max Lieberman – Interview

Max Lieberman is the Founder of Liebs & Co., a small company that helps employers recognize the value of hiring people with disabilities by providing them with the appropriate tools and knowledge through seminars. After experiencing various challenges in the workplace with a learning disability, he took the initiative to help employers on a larger scale through his company.

Christina Miao – Interview 400 400 zina

Christina Miao – Interview

Christina Miao is currently a Data Entry Operator at RBC. She reflects on her experience navigating disability disclosure Christina Miao is currently a Data Entry Operator at RBC. She reflects on her experience navigating disability disclosure in the workplace and touches on the ways that an inclusive and understanding workplace culture can make or break the transition into a new role.

Jolene MacDonald – Interview 400 400 zina

Jolene MacDonald – Interview

Jolene MacDonald is the Founder of Accessibrand, a company that helps businesses level up their digital accessibility. She is a mother to a daughter with a disability and has invisible disabilities herself. A serial entrepreneur with former experience running a business, she touches on the challenges and triumphs of running accelerators while experiencing chronic fatigue and other symptoms, and sheds light on the opportunities that the pandemic has brought on.

Tohamah Abdulwahab – Interview 400 400 zina

Tohamah Abdulwahab – Interview

Tohamah Abdulwahab has over twenty years working in various roles within the entertainment industry. As a wheelchair user living with Spina Bifida his entire life, he touches on his experiences navigating accommodations in the workplace, assumptions by employers and colleagues regarding competence and transitioning into new roles.

Ashton Forrest – Interview 400 400 zina

Ashton Forrest – Interview

Ashton Forrest is a philosophically minded Human Rights Advocate with a passion for social justice. She touches on what it was like transitioning to living with disability in the context of employment, noting the use of a scooter, specialized medical appointments and unpredictability of her condition. Ashton emphasizes the importance of an inclusive culture that embraces employees with differences.

Ramin Raunak – Interview 400 400 zina

Ramin Raunak – Interview

Ramin Raunak is an Administrative Assistant for Canadian Heritage through the Government of Canada. He reflects on his experience working with SCIO Employment Services and touches on the ways the team made his transition easier. He also emphasizes the importance of being able to ask for help.