About Cortree

Cortree’s Mission and Purpose

Cortree is a social venture owned by Spinal Cord Injury Ontario, a registered charity with a proud 75-year history. We’re committed to making life more inclusive and accessible for people with disabilities and their families by increasing personal knowledge.

Cortree is a direct line to reliable information that boosts users’ confidence, competence and sense of community. Our work is grounded in the spirit of Peer Support and Independent Living – we’re committed to making life more inclusive and accessible for people with disabilities.

We developed Cortree with the help of our vibrant community members, people who get it – who know life with a disability inside out and are excited to share what they know.

We’ve partnered with industry experts, health care pros, researchers, counsellors, disability specialists – professionals whose experience and expertise are built into every product and service we create.

All Cortree proceeds are reinvested to support new programs and services, education and advocacy campaigns by and for people with disabilities.

Spinal Cord Injury Ontario 
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The Cortree Team

Oda Al-Anizi

Oda Al-anizi (He/him)

Oda is an Information and Resource Specialist at SCIO and a Video Content Developer for CortreeTV. His proudest accomplishment is seeing CortreeTV go from an idea to a thriving community. Oda also facilitates training with Cortree. He values working with the community and exchanging ideas. Outside of work Oda enjoys listening to blues and practicing his harmonica, reading biographies, watching true crime documentaries, pickling things, working out, adding to his legit bicep gains, taking pictures of his cat, satisfying his need for speed and exploring Toronto.
Languages: English, Arabic

Tory Bowman

Tory Bowman  (She/her)

Tory helped build Cortree from an idea into the thriving social venture it is today. She is the Managing Director of Cortree and the Director of Knowledge Exchange at SCIO. Tory has worked in the field of disability services for almost 20 years. She enjoys creating useful things and tackling complex problems. Her goal is to build an inclusive and accessible world where everyone can thrive. She lives in Collingwood with her family and two rascally cats, and she loves to garden, paddle and ski.
Language: English

Marty Doupe

Marty Doupe (He/him)

Marty is the Learning Architect at Cortree. This means he designs digital learning, manages the Learning Management System (LMS), and sometimes even does voiceover work. Marty spent the last two decades honing his training, elearning development and program management skills. One of the professional accomplishments he’s most proud of is packing about three years of on-the-job learning into his first year with Cortree. When he’s not working, Marty strums a little guitar and dreams one day of having a new doggo as his Kilworth home office buddy.
Language: English

Nancy Xia

Nancy Xia (She/her)

Nancy joined SCIO in 2011 as an Information and Resource Specialist. Living with a spinal cord injury herself, Nancy’s goal is to help people adapt to their new life after an injury. Adding Video Content Developer with Cortree to her role in 2021, Nancy produces and develops content for CortreeTV which connects her with newly injured people and other members of the spinal cord injury community. Nancy also facilitates training with Cortree. Outside of work, Nancy enjoys painting, singing karaoke, cooking and playing Mahjong. She lives in Toronto and is looking forward to the day when she can become a proud dog owner again.
Languages: English, Mandarin


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