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Hosted by Tory Bowman and Oda Al-anizi, Underestimated in a show about breaking barriers for people with disabilities. We are all aging. For people with spinal cord injuries, this process is accelerated. This series is focused on healthy aging strategies for people with disabilities, including aging and bone health, skin integrity, mental health, heart health and more.

Join us weekly to meet expert clinicians and people with lived experience who will share their stories.

Tory Bowman

Tory Bowman, Host

Oda Al-anizi

Oda Al-Anizi, Host

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The following interviews feature members in our community reflecting on their experiences.

Underestimated Episodes

Underestimated is brought to you by Cortree, a division of Spinal Cord Injury Ontario. 

Underestimated was created with the support of a grant from the Craig H. Neilson Foundation to Spinal Cord Injury Ontario.

Craig Neilsen Foundation

Underestimated was produced in partnership with Rogers TV Simcoe.

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Hear from our mentors in the community who share their experiences navigating their careers.


Jim Kyte: Former Hockey Player Excels in Academia Whether you think you can or cannot, you are right. Believing in yourself and persevering through hard work and a positive attitude are important keys to success.
Anna: Looking Beyond Barriers to Find Meaningful Work The pandemic has created an environment where work-from-home is regularly accepted and many companies are planning to keep it that way even after the pandemic is over.
Judy: Finding Meaning After Covid Job Loss The Employment Services team has helped me improve the quality of my life. I now have multiple seasonal and year-round roles working in customer service.

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The following courses are designed for job seekers and employers in Canada to help them tap into the benefits of building an inclusive workplace.


Cortree is designed to help employers understand the benefits of a barrier-free workplace, while providing them with the tools to recruit and hire employees with disabilities.


Canadians with disabilities face high rates of unemployment. Our course is designed to help job seekers stand out among their competition with any disability.


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