For over 75 years, Spinal Cord Injury Ontario (SCIO) has specialized in the support of those with spinal cord injuries, while also connecting and collaborating with the vast disability community; it is something we take great pride in. SCIO recognizes that one of the best ways to build a better future is by sharing our experiences. The opportunity to connect with peers on a similar path is extremely valuable and has proven to help those in our community to live the life they choose; it impacts their journey not just physically, but emotionally and mentally – which is why SCIO launched the Cortree Disability Education Centre.

Cortree, a social venture committed to making life more inclusive and accessible, provides educational and peer focused content. To further support our diverse community needs, Cortree and Spinal Cord Injury Ontario have partnered to create new Employment Services courses, services and resources for both individual job seekers as well as for employers.

SCIO and Holland Bloorview

As a part of our mission to share knowledge, Cortree has partnered with the TRAIL Lab, a research lab housed in Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital’s Bloorview Research Institute and together, have made available a new resource to help people start a conversation around disclosing their disability or requesting accommodations with their employer.

The free, fully accessible online learning tool, available on Cortree, is part of a larger project led by Holland Bloorview called the Healthy And Productive Paid work for Youth with disabilities (HAPPY) Toolkit which comprises a 48-page interactive education resource including disclosure templates, simulations on disclosure, accommodation requests and more.

SCIO and Holland Bloorview have a shared goal to help people with disabilities successfully transition into the workplace and look forward to a partnership that aims to foster employment opportunities for those in our community.

Asking for Accommodations at Work

A learning tool that simulates a conversation between an employer and a youth with disabilities.