Disability Awareness & Accessibility – Online Training Course

A leader in disability education.

Cortree has used our expertise to design and develop several disability awareness and client services elearning courses. Look to us for professional training that is client-centered, practical and positions your business as leaders in the accessibility movement.

Disability Awareness: Removing Barriers

Cortree’s Disability Awareness elearning course is designed to provide learners with the knowledge and confidence to work and thrive alongside people living with disabilities. Along with providing introduction to what constitutes a disability, the course introduces learners to common misperceptions and stereotypes through use of video-based learning exercises and reflective learning. The course provides learners the opportunity to explore their own perception of disability and evolve those perceptions, to help foster a more inclusive work environment (and world).

Definitions of disability, including comparison and contrast of the Medical and Social Model of disability

How disability can be misunderstood and how to change attitudes related to accommodation and inclusion

The importance of language, attitude and awareness in being an ally

Providing Service to People with Disabilities (AODA): An Accessible World

One in seven Canadians lives with a disability. Some disabilities are visible, while some aren’t. Different disabilities call for different technical and social solutions, to help remove barriers, and allow people living with disabilities to lead full and rewarding lives and contribute to the world around us as everyone else has the opportunity to do.

Details the Ontario human rights and accessibility laws

Explains the kinds of barriers faced by people living with different types of disability

Introduces types of supports and devices people living with disabilities make use of to help eliminate barriers

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost per user for each course is $49.50 CAD, or we offer a bundled rate of $85 for access to both courses, licensed for one year on your LMS. We also offer bulk order discounts for 500+ users.

We can host your learners on our system; user fees are a little higher to cover admin costs. 

You could also consider starting with your leadership team and integrating it into your multi-year accessibility and training plan, with a staged rollout to all staff.

It takes about 30 minutes to complete the Disability Awareness: Removing Barriers course.

The course was designed using Articulate Storyline.

We can do both. Many organizations prefer a blended format with elearning completed first, followed by virtual ILT with scenarios customized to their own environment. We use Zoom for health care with integrated live captions.


Want to learn more about the best ways to help your team increase their disability awareness or get access to engaging and contemporary AODA compliance training?