Mediation & Conflict Coaching for People with Disabilities

Working better, together.

The fact is, sometimes we just disagree. Small disagreements can usually be resolved with respect and listening. But sometimes disputes can escalate. When they do, a neutral person can make all the difference in finding common ground and a solution all parties can live with.


Resolve disputes and conflict faster, saving time and money


Increase individual and organizational satisfaction


Maintain the integrity
of relationships


Promote a co-operative approach to solving problems

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Mediation offers constructive processes for resolving conflict between people with differing points of view. Our expertise is in mediating conflict between service recipients and service providers in the health and community service sector. Cortree mediators promote dialogue, understanding and collective decision making. The goal is to empower all parties to shape agreements according to their own needs and preferences.

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Conflict Coaching

Conflict coaching can help people involved in conflict live more easily with an ongoing dispute. This process helps everyone involved understand their own needs as they relate to the conflict, and move toward the shared goal of resolution more productively. Mediators work one-on-one to build participants’ capacity to communicate concerns and hear the concerns of others. Mediators do not give advice about the rights or options a party has or provide solutions/assessments of the conflict.

Case Study Quick Bytes

Donna and her worry

Yuen and the impossible client

Sasha and the scheduling conflict

Frequently Asked Questions

The value of a looking to a third party to help coach and mediate includes benefits like

  • Increasing individual and organizational satisfaction
  • Maintaining the integrity of relationships
  • Promoting a co-operative approach to solving problems
  • Resolving disputes and conflict faster, saving time and money

We serve people with disabilities, non-profit organizations, vendors and private service providers in the community health and service sector.

The average time to complete the mediation process when two parties are involved is 10 to 12 hours. Of course, that can vary, depending on the complexity of the situation. To facilitate the mediation process, we use telephone and Zoom Health.

Cortree Mediation and Coaching services are provided on an hourly basis. Our services can be priced and provided in one of two ways: Either as single-case pricing or by using an ongoing retainer fee approach.

As a social venture powered by Spinal Cord Injury Ontario, we are uniquely placed to understand the complexities and nuances involved in this sector. All proceeds from sales and partnerships are reinvested in SCIO to support new programs and services, education and advocacy campaigns by and for people with disabilities.


Wondering how to get started?

We’re here for you. And we’d be pleased to provide you with a complimentary consultation to help determine if our mediation or conflict coaching services can bring value to your conflict resolution efforts.