Disability Awareness 3 150 150 zina

Disability Awareness 3

The course is a great eye-opener and gives good voice to folks with disabilities. They are to be treated as we treat everyone. That is new for me – as I would coddle them or be the one to be more empathetic. But hopefully, now I will be able to treat them as they wish to be treated – and that’s to be treated like any other human being. Thank you for this learning experience.

 – Disability awareness learner

Disability Awareness 2 150 150 zina

Disability Awareness 2

This course was great. Really points out how inclusive we can/should be and the barriers people may face. Accommodations can be implemented to enable anyone to complete any task. – Disability awareness learner

 – Disability awareness learner

Disability Awareness 150 150 zina

Disability Awareness

Both The Disability Awareness and Working with People with Disabilities courses offered by Cortree through Spinal Cord Injury Ontario, provided helpful and practical information and tips on how to work with people with disabilities while exploring what it means to have a disability. I feel this training better prepared me to work in a clinical setting with clients with varying levels of abilities and I am grateful for the training experience. I thoroughly enjoyed both training courses and highly recommend them to anyone living or working with people with disabilities.

 – Jacqueline Kehoe, TR